QUESTION: Sources on undocumented students and activism

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I am looking for any sources (preferably written, and preferably scholarly) on undocumented youth and activism. More broadly, stuff on undocumented youth in general from the last 10 years or so would be helpful. I am looking for books, journal articles, dissertations, etc - anything with "scholarly merit".

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I recommend starting with this article:

Seif, Hinda. "'Wise Up!' Undocumented Latino Youth, Mexican-American Legislators, and the Struggle for Higher Education Access." Latino Studies; vol. 2, no. 2, July 2004, pp. 210-230.

There are relevant chapters in this book:

WorldCat link: Major problems in Mexican American history : documents and essays

You might want to watch this documentary:

WorldCat link: Alienated undocumented immigrant youth

...and this film, produced by youths:

WorldCat link: America's invisible backbone rights vs. limitations

Also, try searching in WorldCat for "teenage immigrants" to see more books, films, etc.

Hope this helps...let us know we can assist you further! Thanks for asking us.

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The Applied Research Center has a report by Mattie Weiss called "Youth Rising". This is not solely a report on undocumented youth, but they are included, and in the context of multiracial coalitions, as it seems from the explanation online.

Supposedly, you should be able to download the PDF for free (and it's 128 pages, so they are being awesome generous). I had some problems and called them- they are working on it, and it will hopefully be up in a day or two (i am writing this on 8/27/07).
I have also found a master's thesis from San Jose State University:
Challenging educational barriers: Undocumented immigrant student advocates
by Villegas, Francisco J., M.A., San Jose State University, 2006, 99 pages; AAT 1438598
Abstract (Summary)
Undocumented Latina/o students who make it to the university contend with stressors related to race/ethnicity, undocumented status, gender, and socioeconomic status. The purpose of this study is to examine the experiences of Latina/o undocumented students in higher education. This study examines the barriers undocumented students experience in their pursuit of higher education. A secondary endeavor is determining whether the degrees they achieve will be useful. The study relies upon qualitative data, specifically field observations and seven semi-structured interviews conducted during the 2005-2006 academic year in a Bay Area university. Preliminary findings indicate that students are resilient in their academic endeavors, rely upon several sources of support including peer, familial, and institutional opportunities, and they advocate on behalf of other students. The analysis indicates that there is a need for further advocacy and research to address this vital population of students central to U.S. society and the nation's economic future.
Lastly, there is an article from InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies
"We Are Here": (Im)migrant Youth at the Center of Social Activism and Critical Scholarship
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