Academic Search Premier is a multi-disciplinary database that is at most colleges and universities (and some large public libraries). It gets 58 articles with the search: (globalization or internationalization) and communities and policy and united states, in the default title, subject, abstracts search. You can limit to full text online and even to “scholarly/peer reviewed” journals.

You can try many different searches: “Full Text” search, in scholarly journals, gets 210 hits for the search: (globalization or internationalization) and american communities and (foreign policy or economic policy). The same full text/scholarly search gets 138 hits for: (globalization or internationalization) and american communities and (neo liberal or neoliberal). It’s a word game, as you no doubt have found in Google – you have to try neoliberal as one word OR the phrase, and also “american communities” will pick up Latin American Communities – but you may not want to risk missing something because the indexers failed to add the Subject heading: United States. Academic Search has a few “cited reference” links – to papers that are cited by a few of the ones you find – and possibly even some that cite a few of the ones you find.

SocIndex tends to be limited to more scholarly sources, but will be available at fewer places. For the search: globalization and communities and su united states it gets 95 hits; for (globalization or internationalization) and communities and policy and su united states – 32 hits; and for (globalization or internationalization) and communities and (foreign policy or economic policy) - 47 hits, but MANY on other countries besides US. The search in all text: american communities and (globalization or internationalization) and (economic policy or foreign policy) gets 105 hits, and seems to be a little more promising. Also, SocIndex has many cited references as well as papers that CITE one you are looking at, so a few good ones might lead you to more good ones.

If this is a major research project, especially a Masters or PhD possible topic, be sure to search Proquest Dissertations. It covers very few Masters theses, but even if you are doing a Masters or advanced undergraduate project, it can help you to know about PhD research that has already been done in related areas. For one thing, PhD theses are likely to have huge bibliographies. I tried the “citation and abstract (default search): communities and united states and (globalization or internationalization), and got 152 hits. If you are at or near a large university, quite possibly they have full text online of dissertations back to 1996.

You can also use some free web sites, but it is much more tricky to get “scholarly” or “official” sources. You may find Google Scholar to be a bit discouraging unless you are at a big university, because it links to many SUBSCRIPTION sources (not just free web sites). If it finds an online journal your school subscribes to, it will link you to the full text, however. It gets 140 hits for: "american communities" globalization "neo liberal" (must use quotes for phrases in Google). You might want to compare these 140 with the 94 in a “Web” search for: communities" globalization "neo liberal" site:edu; or the 5 hits for "american communities" globalisation "neoliberal" , etc.

For free government (including some state government) research or position papers, etc., try with searches such as: communities globalization "neo liberal" (28 hits), communities globalization neoliberal (37 hits), etc. To get more from states, you can try the format,, etc. and use their site searches to look for publications or discussions of community issues and globalization.

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