QUESTION: prison lawsuit from 1970s

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Follow-up question to the last one about Carol Crooks and a 1974 court decision.

What is the original suit that Crooks v. Warne references (or appeals)?


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jim miller

Thorough research will require going to a law library, or at least an academic one that subscribes to Lexis or Westlaw, or other legal databases.The problem is that folks are very probably violating license agreements if they make copies of these full text law reviews, cases, etc., - and send them to patrons who are not students or staff at those
universities or law schools.

But a quick shortcut to this might be Google Books which gets a "partial preview" book: Gender, Ethnicity, and the State:

Latina and Latino Prison Politics - Google Books Result by Juanita Díaz-Cotto - 1996 - Social Science - 480 pages As part of its efforts, the committee asked Bronx Legal Services' attorney Stephen M. Latimer, to represent Crooks.7 The Crooks v. Warne, 74 Civ. ...

Page 324 refers to a Supreme Court case that the Crooks v Warne judge cited: Wolff V McDonnell 94 S.Ct. 2963 (1974) 41 L.Ed. 2nd 935 (1974).

If getting to an academic or law library is out of the question, you can also search Open Worldcat - Gender, Ethnicity, and the State - to find out what libraries near you might have that book (which Google Books excerpted in its preview). Quite possibly it is in a nearby public
library, or if not, can be gotten for you on Interlibrary Loan.