QUESTION: Posting an Announcement (was SAA Student Scholarship)

question / pregunta: 

[I have e mailed Jenna Friedman about posting this scholarship announcement to the Radical Reference listserv and she said it would be fine. I am not sure if this is the correct way of posting this announcement. Thank you].


Radical Reference communicates to the public via this website, which features both reference question-and-answers, and blog postings by members, and internally via a general email discussion list and some local lists for members. To have a scholarship or other announcement posted either to the website as a blog entry, or to the email lists, those who choose not to become members can contact an individual RadRef member whom they know, or write to info-atsign-radicalreference-dot-info

Our email discussion lists

It should probably be pointed out that there is no such thing as a Radical Reference "listserv" - Listserv is a proprietary term of the L-Soft Corporation, and they do not wish for discussion lists, even those using their own software, to be known as "listservs," according to their legal page. They have apparently learned a valuable lesson from the fate of the Band-Aid and Kleenex companies. So please respect their wishes and do not identify their product with the functionality it facilitates.

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