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Can you tell me any information regarding Scottish Screen's involvement, and/or Scottish funding in the production of either the film 'The Last King of Scotland' or the film 'Red Road'?


IMDB's page on Scottish Screen lists them as a production company on both films.

According to Scottish Screen's website,

Scottish Screen invests around £6m in the development and promotion of Scotland's screen industries each year. This includes distributing £2.7m of National Lottery funds. We invest in a range of initiatives, projects and activities designed to develop talent, audiences and businesses across the country.

According to the Content Production page,

Maximum Investment - £500,000
Minimum Partnership Funding Required - 75%

Scottish Screen’s investment in the production of Content aims to provide the necessary support to production companies to finance the physical production of the intended project. Projects should be distinctive, high quality and commercially viable. They should provide opportunities for Scotland’s talent to demonstrate their ability in an international arena.

A pdf of Scottish Screen's Content Production Terms contains more detailed information, including their credit requirements which can be found on page 3 of the document.

scottish screen

Scottish Screen is the national development agency for the screen industries in Scotland. We aim to inspire audiences, support new and existing talent and businesses, educate young people, and promote Scotland as a creative place to make great films.

They put up some dough but, mostly provided production support on both films.

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