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In 1993, what 3 senators voted against Ruth Bader Ginsberg's confirmation to the Supreme Court?


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The government database was acting kinda buggy today, so i used "Google Uncle Sam" to figure out the date that the vote for Ruth Bader Ginsburg happened.

The Congressional Record should always have floor votes contained within them. The website for the Congressional Record for 1994 on is here.

For the Congressional Record before that year, you will have to find a Government Documents Repository. You can ask your local library what library/libraries near you are repositories.

At any rate, Radical Reference user, you are lucky: The page of the Congressional Record you are looking for has been digitized into pdf format for your perusal!

Thus, we see that on August 3, 1993, the Senators Helms, Nickles, and Smith rejected the nomination of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Library of Congress Law Library

The Library of Congress Law Library site on which our intrepid librarian found the page above can also be used to find testimony and hearing records related to the confirmation. Searching [Ginsburg confirmation] from that page gets a nice list of relevant documents. A useful site for students of law and those who struggle against it!

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