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I'm looking for an agency, ngo, or other non-profit, which is NOT a Christian missionary or ministry, to which I can send some immediate support Kenyans to assist with the recent struggles there.


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jim miller

Some other sources of information on organizations are: Digital Librarian, the Library of Congress' list of Kenya related organizations, and the
University of Michigan School of Social Work's links to many lists of volunteer and charitable organizations.

Choosing an organization is a tradeoff of one's money versus the time it would take to research who is really doing the kinds of work one wishes to support. It would be possible to spend many weeks or months to thoroughly investigate any of these organizations in "Charities Registration" sites (many states have them), or even in newspapers and magazines both from the U.S. and other countries. Hopefully, a sampling of a few different sites will at least give you a better sense of an organization's reputation.

Oxfam USA looks to be a good bet

Here's information about the work that Oxfam is doing in Kenya at the moment:

A related article from the BBC:

You can donate online at:

Oxfam USA meets's 20 standards for charitable accountability:

I hope that's helpful - please let me know if this doesn't answer your question.

grassroots non-profit working in Kenya

the global volunteers network is taking donations, as i understand it they are partnered with local groups in Kenya and that 100% of the money goes to those groups. here is their homepage: and here is the Kenya donations page:

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