January 26 meeting update!

The Greater Los Angeles Collective met this past weekend, after a lull of many, many months. Five of us from Los Angeles and one from Santa Ana discussed possible projects:

1) Working with a charter school in South Los Angeles that teaches 16-24 year olds who are working towards their high-school diplomas or GED. This school also has social justice curriculum and is run out of a building that houses Critical Resistance, among other projects. They are in need of library supplies, and some ideas on appropriate materials for their students.

2) Those of us with archivist skills have decided to hold workshops on archiving at the Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research. These workshops will be open to local library/archives students as well as community members who are interested in working with the materials because they relate to their activist work. Getting library students exposed to this library is also a way to broaden the view of what kinds of institutions can exist

Given the geography of Southern California, meeting up with folks from outside Los Angeles is proving to be difficult. Our member from Santa Ana means to keep in contact with us, and us with her, but her own activism is more local to her, and the drive in either direction is not fun. DESPITE THAT, we hope to figure out what we might set up for the RadReffers when they get to Southern California for this year's ALA annual conference. Folks from San Diego have also expressed interested in working on this.

Looking forward to seeing you folks this summer!