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I agree about the Grrrl Zine Network being a great resource, if you are indeed looking for information about print zines (In my opinion online zines or e-zines are not remotely related to zines if they even exist, but I'm a zine librarian and overly sensitive.)

You might also refer to an article in Bitch that discussed feminist zines and I believe also online publications (i.e. blogs and static sites). Eleanor Whitney. "On the Pageā€”In praise of zines: Pushing paper in the digital age," Bitch. Issue 31. 2006. If you can't track it down on your own, email me, and I'll scan it for you.

Just going on resources I know about, here is a list of Women's Studies journals available at my institution

You might contact the Women's Studies librarian at the University of Maryland to see what resources you might have available to you locally. .

The Women's Studies librarian at the University of Wisconsin has some hot resources:
Women and Gender Magazines, Newsletters, and Journals With Web Presences
More Media

The above led me to this Directory of Women's Media.

I gotta say I find it annoying that the Feminist Blogs blog aggregator blog doesn't seem to have a list of the participating blogs anywhere.

I feel certain I read an article recently on the topic of feminist blogs (besides Eleanor's), so check back here once in a while to see if I've tracked it down.

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