QUESTION: US Trade Statistics

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i am struggling trying to find import vs use statistics. i would like, for example, to figure out how much steel we use in america vs how much steel is imported from latin america. i've only been able to find a website called the "trade stats express", and it is not super helpful. any other ideas?


Hello, the census bureau's Foreign Trade Statistics website gives info on steel imports.

You can get summary statistics for all foreign imports and exports here as a part of the Statistical Abstract of the United States. For more detailed data, you can use the database STAT USA that is available through the Pima County Public Library. I checked the catalog and apparently there is a terminal in the main library near the 3rd floor reference desk which provides log-in access. A reference librarian there could help you pull out the specific information on the steel industry and also help you pull out data for the whole Latin American region.