Library workers raise voices (Frequent updates)


(Sunday, 11:20am EDT)

Chuck0, a street librarian, reported that a contingent of 40 library workers, Radical Reference and Librarians against Bush, are gathering at 22nd street and 7th Avenue in the mobilization section of United For Peace and Justice, located next to the Code Pink contingent which are carrying mannequins and signs that say "pink slip Bush".

According to ChuckO, Mark Morran from Air America Radio just interviewed Jenna freedman, a street librarian, Jessamyn West, a librarian from Vermont and a librarian from Librarians Against Bush. The segment may air tomorrow.

Republican instigators

(12:25pm) ChuckO reports that they're marching up 7th avenue. A small group (perhaps 15) of "instigators" (he thinks they're repub agents meaning to disrupt) has just joined the march from a side street. They are wearing t-shirts which say "Communists for Kerry".

library workers toward Central Park

(1:30pm EDT)
Library workers have broken off from the main march and are going toward Central Park. One of library workers estimates roughly 200,000 people in the march.

Library workers in Central Park

(3:15pm EDT) Library workers have gathered in Central Park. ChuckO can't tell how many people are protesters and how many are just enjoying the nice weather. He estimates around 300 where he is on the great lawn. The police have been unobtrusive.

Direct Action

(5:45pm EDT)
Jenna Freedman reported that a few street librarians are heading toward Roseland Ballroom at 239 West 52nd street to participate a direct action against the RNC. Jenna reports that the police are escalating violence against people on the street.

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