A street librarian at the Starbuck Rally

Email from Lara, a street librarian, at the Starbuck Rally at 8:41pm EDT on August 28th.

Starbucks protest rocked. Gave out many handbills. Answered 3 questions. One was asking me if the March for Choice was still happening. It was 3pm and I told them it would be going on until five, told another protester how to find the 6 train, and told someone in a car what the protest was about. The protest started at one Starbucks, moved to another Starbucks then went back to the first one. There was about 100 or so people. Only 2 times did people yell insults at the protesters (don't ask me what
they said b/c I couldn't hear them.) Cops were antsy, maybe one arrest. They were very insistent we don't block the sidewalk or stand in the street and ended the rally by using a bullhorn and telling people to disperse or they would be arrested.It appeared that most people left at the time. My husband and I headed downtown and some of the Starbuck's protesters did a short impromptu protest across the street from yet another Starbucks.

We headed to Greenwich Village and got off by Washington Square. The park was filled with Anti-bush supporters and people selling anti-Bush paraphernalia. One table had a giant inflatable Bush with a long nose. Then I had sushi with friends and headed home. Now I am ready to sleep.

See y'all tomorrow. If you feel dehydrated at anytime, come get me. I bought a ten pack of Gatorade juiceboxes.