QUESTION: money transfer business owners

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I am looking for information about money transfer businesses (like check-cashing and pay-day advance places). Specifically I am looking to see who owns these businesses. Any suggestions? I am most interested in ones located in Oakland CA, but any help would be useful.


I suggest using the ReferenceUSA database, which in your area is available on one computer in the Science, Business and Social Science area of Oakland Public Library's Main Library, according to their databases page.

When I do a Guided Search for these kinds of businesses in Oakland, I get 37 results. In order to replicate the search, you need to enter the SIC code of 609903 in the Business Characteristics tab and Oakland, CA, in the Geography tab. A SIC code, by the way, is a U.S. Department of Commerce-defined industry classification code (try putting in keywords like "check cashing" and "payday" into the Yellow Pages heading search box, and you'll find that the main results all fall into this code).

The individual records for each of the resulting business listings give a lot of information you wouldn't find in the Yellow Pages. For example, the record for the Check 'n' Go at 10327 International Blvd indicates that a Ms. Harley Huggins is the owner. ReferenceUSA will also tell you if a business is part of a "corporate family."

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