QUESTION: (de)/commodification

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hey there!

i've been looking for a solid definition of decommodification (in direct relation to commodification as well as processes of commodifying and decommodifying) and haven't found one other than wikipedia and esping-anderson's three world's of welfare capitalism. can you point me towards any resources?


Hopefully one of our academic librarians will chime in here, but as a starting suggestion:
I would check in a specialized dictionary or encyclopedia of disciplines likely to cover this concept. I don't have access to either of the below titles in my library, but they are both available in the NYPL Research Branch and most of the academic libraries in NYC. Other volumes shelved in the same areas would also be possible sources.

The Blackwell dictionary of modern social thought
The Columbia dictionary of modern literary and cultural criticism

Both of these books also have online versions, which would be more continuously updated. If you have access to an academic library you may be able to get to them. See if there is a resource page for sociology or political science that could lead to these or similar resources.