Jenna at the Poor People's March

spoke to Jenna who is in the field at the Poor Peoples' March at the
UN.  As of 5:00 PM the rally was still going in preparation for
the march.  Police presence was quite apparent and they seemed
ready to do their level best with several paddy wagons ready for the
protesters.  Jenna said that many of these porotesters were deaf
and she wondeered how the authorities might deal with that issue. 
Just got another call from Jenna as I write this.  She said things
have heated up a bit.  She and some fellow protesters were pushed
onto the side walk away from the rally itself and that clearly the cops
were waiting for the rally to hits the streets so they could start
filling up their wagons.  She asked me to check in with her around
6 to see what was up.  Clearly she has no intention of being
arrested but neither did our fellow radical librarian Matthew B. 
It's all up for grabs people.