RNC Weirdness

So. I guess being a radical librarian will ruffle a few feathers. Here is what a wacko posted on Indymedia:

I am happy to see they at least linked to a good picture of me.

Last night during a police rampage Dominos workers were grabbing people off the streets and stashing them in their freezers to avoid being chased and tear gassed.
The cops did not allow Rage Against the Machine was not allowed to play on the capitol lawn last night, so instead led their audience of several thousand to meet up with the Poor People's March. No surprise, the police teargassed, pepper sprayed and arrested.

When oh when will this week be over?

I'd take it as a compliment!

I'd take it as a compliment! Our wiki or site must have ranked really high in whatever harebrained search they did, so I'd take that as a compliment, too, and enjoy the irony of this anonymous person outing y'all. Ignorant mo'fo!

rnc weirdness

That is a nice picture of you! Pay no mind to that fool.

not hiding

an anonymous post - wait, that's too easy. how about, the idiot thinks that folks who allow themselves to be linked so easily are trying to hide. the comment outs librarians and journalists, those who are there to document and support the activists - not "leaders" even to the extent that such a diverse set of groups, many opposed to the notion of leadership, has them. pathetic, really.

and the picture is awesome!


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