QUESTION: bigotry

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what are the best places to report bigotry in newspapers to? The specific I have in mind is bigotry against gays in an editorial from a newspaper editor who works for a large private group holding company that takes Right positions in all its editorials and coverage.

I have looked at ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center. Anti-Defamation doesn't seem to interested unless Anti-semitism. I would like to find many more outlets to send this stuff to.


There are a number of organizations that advocate for GLBT issues. They include organizations like Act Up, which has local groups as well.If you are concerned with media presenting what you believe to be biased or bigoted information, contact local AIDS advocacy groups in the area the media is being produced. If it's in local media, do the same. A good search strategy is to type into a search engine "where you live" aids, advocacy. You can also contact the news organization directly by email or letter, voicing your concerns. If these are editorials, you can write an editorial yourself expressing your views.If you are looking to take legal action, the ACLU is indeed a good place to start, and they should be able to give you some resources as well.