QUESTION: "fifth column"

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I would like to know where jsmog in "Support for Hitler (or Fascism) in the United States" found the information about the Sparta MI foundry worker who killed his neighbor in 1940 because he thought he was a member of the "fifth column". My sisters and I are researching our uncle who was the man killed.


It was from pages 4-6 of a book by Harold Lavine called Fifth Column in America. (published in New York by Doubleday, Doran & Company, 1940). Click on the title to find it in a library. You could probably find where Lavine found his information by checking the book.

That essay-style posting on the Radical Reference site used a reference citation that would be familiar to academic folks, but may not be clear to the casual searcher. The names in parentheses refer to the list of sources found at the end of the posting.

Best of luck as you continue in your family research.