QUESTION: election watchdog sites?

question / pregunta:

do you know of any other election watchdog sites or groups that have a participatory component like this one? there's a call going out to form a coalition to take immediate action around election fraud if mccain wins. meeting's this sunday at st marks. not that it really matters who's president....

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For a quick response, take a look at the Voters' Rights page recently added to the Reference Shelf section of this site, as well as a resource page for the 2004 election which has many sites that are still relevant. You may find some resources that match what you describe.

Here's another list of participatory election watch projects:

Electicker seems to be a pretty comprehensive site. Toward the bottom on the left is a Fact Checkers section (right below Wing Nuts--what's that about?).

Thanks to J for posting this on Facebook.