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What are the best web sites available about low-level nuclear waste and its disposal?


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As far as finding the best information on this topic, Argonne National Laboratory, the Atomic Energy Commission, and the Manhattan Project all have been involved in publishing technical reports on the atomic bomb and nuclear energy since discovery (mostly since they were the ones involved in promotion and implementation).

Searching the Argonne National Laboratory site for "low level nuclear waste disposal" retrieved a number of results -- one in particular you might find useful is from the Greater-Than-Class C Low-Level Radioactive Waste EIS Information Center site on Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLW),discussing disposal. I would suggest doing that search or similar from that page, as there were results in the 600-range coming from GTCCEIS and ANL mostly.

Through searching for the Manhattan Project, I found Los Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues, which seems to have a good amount of relevant information.

The Atomic Energy Commission doesn't have its own website, but the U.S. Nuclear Regulation Commission has a page specifically for what you're looking for:

Finally, there is the Technical Reports Archive and Image Library (TRAIL), which does not have much up currently about nuclear waste, but for future reference, it will have digitized technical reports from the MDDC, Atomic Energy Commission, and Argonne National Laboratory accessible to all for searching and full-text retrieval.