Radical Resources on Economic Bailout/ Financial Crisis


To add to what has been posted, here are some additional tools that could help in your project (which, by the way, sounds awesome!) I tried to find some audio and visual resources, in addition to text.


Radical Perspectives on the Crisis
This blog features news, articles, audio/video, and a special “Crisis for Beginners” page with pedagogical tools at http://sites.google.com/site/radicalperspectivesonthecrisis/crisis-for-beginners

Democracy Now

The daily Pacifica radio show provides an advanced search feature on its website. A keyword search with the terms “financial crisis” or “economic crisis” or even “bailout” should yield some relevant results. You can even choose to restrict the search by date, or to specify that you want these terms to appear in the title of the story.

Here’s one example of a result:

“Can Grassroots Movement That Propelled Obama to Victory Chart a Better Economy?”
(interview with Robert Kuttner, author of Obama’s Challenge, and Arun Gupta of The Indypendent).

Social Design Notes

This blog explores visual art and design projects with a frequently radical focus. One post cites a “Visual Guide to the Financial Crisis,” with a disclaimer that this chart provides a useful groundwork but lacks deeper analysis:


“i” the film
By Raphael Lyon and Andres Ingoglia, this film documents the beginnings of Indymedia Argentina and focuses specifically on the 2001 economic collapse there. For screening info, you may wish to check out http://ithefilm.com/directors

Upside Down World

Covers activism and politics in Latin America, and has some information on Argentina’s economic crisis and popular resistance there

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