wounded and killed in Iraq #s

Some of these resources may have been reported by other RadRefs.

Some of the websites below rely on the same resources for killed and wounded stats. Iraqi death toll numbers vary depending on who is counting and who is reporting.

The following article reports that the Iraqi civilian death toll in the period March 2003 — October 2003 is 37,000.

source: Aljazeera.Net (Saturday 31 July 2004, 15:31 Makka Time, 12:31 GMT)


Source: Iraq Death Toll: US Military, Iraqi Civilians, Iraqi Military & Coalition

  • also reports 37,000 Iraqi deaths
  • estimates the total death toll is 68,160 to date
  • site includes a cost of war ticker

Infoshout uses the following sources:

Eyes Wide Open, American Friends Service Committte (AFSC): links to the following sites for statistics:

  • Iraqi Civilian Deaths in 2003: 2,081 and 5,535 injuries for the same period: reports name, age, gender, marital status, monthly income and number of dependents, place and date of death; data collection by CIVIC Worldwide, "CIVIC is a small organization is working to obtain U.S. Government assistance for communities and families in need, while helping to shine a spotlight on the human costs of war."
  • AFSC includes an oil and war timeline, which is also reported in the Guardian Unlimited

FindLaw article reporting the number of US Troops, approx. 7,000, wounded in Iraq since March 2003.