NYC Collective: April 17, 2009 meeting minutes

April 17, 2009
ABC No Rio

Billy, Jenna, John, Julie, Melissa, and Karen

1. New Jersey Library Association (NJLA) Conference update
2. Grassroots Media Coalition (GMC) Conference update
3. Bronx Anarchist Fair report back
4. NYC Anarchist Book Fair report back
5. Really really free market
6. American Library Association (ALA) conference
7. Zine fest
8. Next meeting

1. NJLA conference
Monday, April 27 - Wednesday, April 29, 2009, Ocean Place Report and Spa

John will be the moderator for a panel that will include three authors who write popular history. Julie and Eric will be speaking about Rad Ref on April 28th, 4:30pm. Julie will talk about the history of RR and Eric will speak about its technical aspects. This presentation will be similar to ones given in the past. We should upload RR presentations onto the website for public access.

2. GMC
Saturday May 30th, 9am-6pm, Hunter College

Jenna and Jess will organize an unpanel on how to get alternative materials into libraries. Aliqae and Karen are organizing a workshop on researching corporations. The deadline for proposals has been extended to April 24th. Melissa, Julie and Billy have volunteered to table at the GMC. Karen will ask about booking a table and wireless internet access (for doing reference work at the table). As a back-up, Jenna has a widget that will enable us to connect to the Internet.

3. Bronx Anarchist Fair
April 4th, 11am-6pm, Brook Park

Julie tabled for Rad Ref. She wasn’t able attend any panels or presentations. It was cold and windy on Saturday. Visitors apparently wanted to take the two packages (with question-flyers) that Julie had on the table. Julie was approached by the Really Really Free Market organizer to put together a RR career panel or info-sharing workshop. We’ll think about it.

4. NYC Anarchist Book Fair
April 11-12, Judson Memorial Church

Jenna reported back on the Rad Ref DIY archives workshop with Tamiment and Democracy Now. She said the panel went well. Jenna will look into archiving it on and the Internet Archive. Jillian talked about print archives and Nicole spoke about digital archiving. Billy also attended the panel and thought it was great, but it was a bit heavy on technical details. We talked very briefly about digital versus print preservation issues (e.g. CDs deteriorating after a few years and the lack of preservation standards). Several people signed up to be on the RR announce list. Melissa mentioned the myriad challenges to organizing the book fair such as the lack of solid volunteers and last-minute preparations (e.g. not having programs made on time, and so on).

5. The Really Really Free Market
Sunday April 26th, (3-8pm?)

Jenna can table for two hours and she’ll bring her cell phone widget to connect to the Internet. Melissa might also be able to table. Billy volunteered to table as well. We are supposed to obtain the password for wireless Internet access at the Market. Billy needs to be added to the RR work list.

6. ALA Conference
July 9-15, Chicago

Julie will be attending the conference and will organize a skills share/RR dinner/lightning talk on Saturday night. Jenna will email Leah (who will also be attending the conference) about this too.

7. Zine fest
June 27-28, Brooklyn Lyceum

Alicia is organizing this first annual NYC zine fest. Visit for more details. There will be a meeting for zine fest volunteers.

8. Our next meeting is Friday May 15, 8pm at ABC No Rio.