ANSWER: Anarchist business models


Quite possibly, most anarchist organizations will be reluctant to describe the way they are organizing themselves as a "business model", because of possible negative connotations related to large corporations who routinely use the term. You may need to browse through many websites, using subcategories of directories such as, which can lead you to dozens of sites such as Anarchist Freedom Links, which in turn might lead to ideas on organizing an anarchist enterprise.

But it also can be quite wise to learn from folks who don't at first glance appear to share your major values or goals. The Small Business Administration has many resources for starting and planning a business, including its Free Online Training, that includes How to prepare a business plan. SBA's "Library and Resources"/ "Publications" leads to their Management and Planning Series that includes a few sample business plan outlines. Their Write a businessplan page links to Palo Alto Software's Sample Business Plans, dozens of free samples in about 28 major categories from consulting and publishing to manufacturing.

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