Bush in my backyard

Bush was in Elmhurst this evening visiting a firehouse and Italian Charities of America. We got out at the Grand Ave subway stop. The cops had barricaded most of Queens Blvd. It was about 8ish. We figured since Bush was supposed to show at 10 we'd be there for a while. He came early. As I was talking to indymedia, the motorcade came by. First there was cheers, then the louder boos were heard and people yelling "Four more months!"
The motorcade went about a few blocks up and stayed there. There wasn't any attempt to get through the barricades because there was no uniform anti-Bush protest. Finally the police opened Queens Blvd and one assumes Mr. Bush was with firefighters. As we were walking away, we saw a fire truck zoom by. My friend thought he was probably inside. "Hey look at me, I'm a fireman!"