"I Love New York Too"

By Alvaro F. Fernandez


"I love New York" says the slogan.

I sat and watched on TV the street march and demonstration outside Madison Square Garden this past Sunday with a sense of awe and respect as hundreds of thousands streamed past the venue where George W. Bush will accept his Party's nomination to again seek the presidency some claim he stole in 2000.

And as I watched, I turned to my sister who claims to be a New Yorker for having lived there for nearly a decade during the 1980s and early 90s. "I love New York too," I told her in admiration of New Yorkers who turned out in droves to protest a president and his administration that has this country divided in ways I have not experienced since my days with long hair and protesting the Vietnam War.

She beamed with pride and a knowing smile of one who understands that when New Yorkers do something, they do it right. On my side there seemed a sense of envy, and a longing to get Miamians to ever come out and do the same.

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