Meeting Notes - June 24, 2009

Collective Brainstorming: Group Activities, Projects & Interests

Street Reference, Tabling, Flyers
Pride Parade/Dyke march – walk, or provide street reference
Bizarre Bazaar
Local festivals
Groups that don’t typically go to “bookish” events
Protests/solidarity gatherings
Flashmob-type events (Guerilla Queer Bar, Banditos Misteriosos, Zombie walks)

Participate in Boston, Simmons PLG, or create our own
(good opportunity for collaboration)

Tours of cool places or meetings with similar-minded organizations
Papercut Zine Library
Lucy Parsons
South End Press
Book Arts Lab at Wellesley
AS220 – holds workshops that may be of interest

Create/add to resources
Local directory of activist organizations and resources.
Add library-related information & resources if one already exists.
Resource guide for job hunting (general or library specific)
Tips for librarians and others (Access to federal depository libraries [including some at Harvard], MIT’s libraries are open to the public, BPL has decent electronic resources, etc.)

Guest Speakers - Could also have speakers from our own membership,
Member spotlight/one person skillshare

Collaborate with other groups – Simmons PLG, Boston Librarians, NEASIS&T, etc.

Help non-profits organize information, provide research or resources to help them stay afloat
Helping Hands

Hold salons or discussions with designated library-related topics, readings, etc.

Prison Book Program - volunteer or hold a book/dictionary drive

Papercut - Losing their space. Suggest other low cost spaces; help with the move or with storage until they find space. Bill H. is in touch with them and forwarded an email recently.

Chinatown Library – Is there anything we can do to help?