2010 NYC Anarchist Book Fair planning meeting 10/6/09

Please spread the word!

(Radical Reference members have been part of the planning collective as well as presenters/facilitators of workshops since the first NYC Anarchist Book Fair took place in 2007.)


Calling all anarchists, anti-authoritarian bookworms, brainy revolutionaries, creative autonomists, and anarcho-curious radicals!

We would like to invite you to a meeting:

Tuesday, October 6, 7:00pm
at ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington Street
(directions at abcnorio.org/contact/directions.html)

to kick off planning for the NYC Anarchist Book Fair 2010.

Bring your ideas and skills:
What would you like to see?
What would you like to help realize?

Aside from helping to organize the nuts and bolts of the fair itself, there are many other ways you can get involved if you can't make regular meetings: We will also looking for folks willing to bottom-line or collaborate in working groups to:
-- plan fundraising events and parties
-- redesign, update and maintain the website
-- coordinate art, music, theater and film aspects of the fair
-- organize childcare for weekend of fair
-- help publicize the fair, including creating and distributing posters and fliers

For more information contact info (at) anarchistbookfair (dot) net.

Since 2007, the NYC Anarchist Book Fair has provided a venue for activists, scholars, artists and the anarcho-curious to connect with one another and develop an environment of tolerance and inclusiveness. We hope to help build a bigger and more vibrant, multigenerational anarchist community in NYC, which has been a center of the anarchist movement for 150 years, as well as throughout North America and around the world.

Aside from featuring speakers, panels, workshops, and skillshares about the history of anarchism, its practice and its relation to current events, past book fairs have worked in conjunction with other venues such as the NYC Anarchist Film Festival, radical art and theater groups and the 2009 Bronx Anarchist Fair. We would love to work with more of our friends.

The Book Fair has adopted a policy of zero-tolerance for racist, sexist, queer-phobic, and other disrespectful behavior that works against collective liberation for all communities.