"Sustain Our Libraries" poster from Justseeds

At the risk of posting something too commercial here, I wanted to give props to this nice library-themed poster by Mary Tremonte of the Justseeds visual arts collective.

Mary writes:

"I made this print in grassroots support of the public library system of Pittsburgh. [...] I printed a few without the text to sell on Justseeds to recoup my costs and pay my library fines! (seriously). Dig the rubylith-cut children's book illustration-style, hearkening back to my own childhood, when I would walk to the library every day in the Summer!

"Public libraries are so crucial for folks in all walks of life, and their services are becoming even more crucial with increased unemployment, cuts to youth programs, access to computers and continuing education...Libraries fulfill all these roles and more; for many disinvested communities, their public library branch is a community center."