QUESTION: Barriers Experienced by African Americans

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What institutional barriers do African-American youths have to face since the presidential victory of Obama?


Hi jodiann12,

I'm afraid a day is too little turnaround for us, especially since it is one for which there may not yet be significant data. Obama's presidential victory is a year old, and he's been in office for less than 10 months. We can work on it, but it would be helpful if your question were more specific. Any institutions in particular?

You can also follow up with another free reference service (slide #2), at least one of which I believe promises an answer in 24 hours. (Note that a couple few of the sites listed charge.)

A quick answer:
While there doesnt seem to be data readily available, there is commentary from several news sources on the web.
Using the search terms Obama, African Americans and barriers I found these news stories, that may be in the direction of your research. If you clarify your question a bit, we can research some more.

Is Obama Black Enough? - TIME,8599,1584736,00.html

Fewer than half of Americans say Obama's election has improved race relations- LA Times,0,6623771.story

U.S. Waiting for Race Relations to Improve Under Obama- Gallup

Obama to NAACP: Progress made but much still to accomplish