Sept 9 meeting notes

Radical Reference Montreal chapter
Thursday, September 9, 2010

Attended by: Andrea, Megan, Robin


1. IL workshop with ReCon
Proposal to work with ReCon on an ongoing basis doing IL workshops approved.
Robin will contact ReCon to set up a meeting and let them know that we’d like to take this project on.

2. Open Door Books
Update from Andrea - she will follow up with ODB and CURE(through ODB) regarding doing research requests.

3. QPIRG McGill application
Completed QPIRG McGill Working Group Application- PLEASE everyone have a read over it for final suggestions! Robin will submit the application as of September 17th.

4. Information packages

6. Poster proposal?
Approved idea of submitting a poster proposal for the joint library association conference in November 3-5, 2010 in Montreal. The proposal form is online at:
Megan will do a first draft and others can comment. The form is due September 17.

7. Blog
Continue to pick at it. Consider getting together to work on the site outside meeting time (ie for snacks too). If anyone is interested send an email to the list with a proposed date!

Task check out:
Robin- contact ReCon re taking on the workshop
Robin- sign up for Rise Up email account
Robin- send QPIRG W.G application on September 17
Andrea- follow up with ODB
Megan- begin poster proposal
Everyone- review QPIRG W.G application and poster proposal

Next meeting: proposed for Wed. Sept. 22nd after 5 some time??