Answer: QUESTION: Zapatista women and IT


This is not a complete answer, so I'm leaving the question open.

It looks like there has been a lot of information published on this topic! I found many articles that have been published in scholarly journals by searching the index Google Scholar. You can try searching for variations of women and Zapatista or Chiapas and internet or information technology. Most of these articles require subscribes to view, but you could access them through an academic or some public libraries. One writer, though, has made several of his articles freely available: In particular, the article called "The Zapatistas and the Electronic Fabric of Struggle" might help, but there's lots more there.

An outdated but potentially interesting bibliography is here:

Google Books is also useful for identifying books that have been published that you can then seek out at a library. One example is Women of Chiapas: Making History in Times of Struggle and Hope by Christine Engla Eber and Christine Marie Kovic. A preview can be seen here:

This book also has an interesting chapter: Cinderella or cyberella?: empowering women in the knowledge society By Nancy J. Hafkin, Sophia Huyer (Preview:

I hope that helps as a start.

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