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I am doing research on harassment and groping by police officers in New York City while conducting Stop & Frisks. Specifically those who are aggressive and engage in inappropriate frisking methods, like groping, when dealing with gender non-conforming and trans* subjects. I am looking for data/statistics, police reports, or just first hand accounts of these sorts of interactions. What I've found so far has been extremely sparse. Thank you.


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Since this issue is often considered a human rights issue, a lot of human rights organizations have issued reports about police harassment and sometimes specifically about police harassment of transgender people. These often list their sources and are a good place to look for other resources.

Amnesty International has a couple of relevant reports:

There may be even more reports on the Amnesty International website ( in the library section.

The Human Rights Network () has another report on NYC Police Abuses from the New York City Coalition for Community Safety:

Susan's Place ( is a website for transgender people that has a wiki with reports and citations for incidents:

There was an article published in the New York Times in 2008 about a man who sued the NYPD after he was stopped and frisked:

The RAND Corporation published a report on the NYPD's stop and frisk strategy. This is a link to a summary of that report, and it offers some useful statistics:

I am not a librarian, but

I am not a librarian, but have some info on a place that you might want to look.

[] has a searchable database of 'zines' written by a variety of different people on a variety of different subjects.

Good luck.



they have loads of police reports

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