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Size of military and intelligence funding of university research

Military and intelligence funding of university research.

Hi Chris:
if you're interested in Department of Defense funding of academic research in the US, the quickest way to find this out is on the DOD website. It looks like there was a press release just last week regarding recipients of Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative funding:

List of funded projects here:

I also see that the DoD has funded purchase of research equipment at academic institutions through a separate program (Defense University Research Instrumentation Program)

These do not include scholarship awards to students, which may also be extended to support individuals (particularly grad students) doing specific kinds of research, and I suspect that that military funding may support academic research less directly in different kinds of grants.

Anyway, this may be a good place to start. Please feel free to give us more specifics about what you need if this doesn't answer your question.

Good luck with your research,


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