QUESTION: 21st century public library service

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I am working on a literature review of how the 21st century public library will become a community hub, how it will build social capital, what the diversity of the library community will be, why this is important, and how the library will achieve this. I have journal articles on social capital, and civic duty, but I would like to find articles on how people will use the library to achieve this, what services will the library offer for this, and how the diversity of the community will come into play.


This question seems a little out of scope for our site. It sounds like you're a grad student, so you might want to approach your library reference desk.

If you wouldn't mind explaining the political/activist connection, I'd know better how to contextualize your question for Radical Reference. I don't meet to be snooty, but there's really no shortage of library futurism discussions in Library Literature and the internet.