Supporting Gay Teen Literature

October's issue of School Library Journal has an amazing article about gay teen literature (Supporting Gay Teen Literature). It's written by the author of Boy Meets Boy, a highly acclaimed young adult book that deals with queer issues.

I was really excited to see this article, especially because I read a couple weeks ago about a group of library patrons in Texas who are lobbying to have what they deem "indecent" books taken out of reach of children and young adults. Many of these books have queer characters, or deal with queer themes.

While their actions are really f-ed up, if anyone is interested in children's and young adult books with queer themes, you can search their database of 128 titles, buy them for young people or make suggestions to your local public library!

Leftist Agenda In Response to a Right-Wing Majority

The advent of the "Ban Gay Books" agenda proposed by the right-wing majority in Texas inspires me to join the leftist agenda of spreading the word and providing resources of good gay literature to our gay youth.

I could hope that my book would make the School Library Journal's A-list, but as unknown as it is, it has little hope of getting there. Thanks to your post, however, I will check the A-list out and search for a point of contact. In the meantime, post readers interested in checking the book out are more than welcome to view it at

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