Question: number of US citizens who opposed Hitler

Can you locate or tell me how to locate evidence that supports the large number of US citizens that opposed any action in Hitler's regime?

Question: number of US citizens who opposed Hitler

Strongly suggest you take a look at website entitled "Jewish Labor and the Holocaust," also known as "LABOR AND THE HOLOCAUST: The Jewish Labor Committee and the Anti-Nazi Struggle." It is at:

Also see:

George Berlin, "The Anti-Nazi Activities of the Jewish Labor Committee in the 1930s," MA thesis, Columbia University, 1966;

--, "The Jewish Labor Committee and American Immigration Policy in the 1930s," Studies in Jewish Bibliography, History and Literature in Honor of I. Edward Kiev (New York, 1971);

Moshe R. Gottlieb, American Anti-Nazi Resistance, 1933-1941: An Historical Analysis (New York, 1982);

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>> Arieh Lebowitz

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