Question: Green Permaculture Rooftop

A community garden group has gotten a committment from a developer to build a garden and community center attached to their project. We have the wonderful opportunity to submit designs, and want to have a green, permaculture rooftop. My question is in two parts.

1) what are resources for architextual design for rooftop gardens? The more nitty gritty details the better. I'm wondering if there is a journal, bible-like book, or which databases to search. Basically looking for core primer references.

2) same question as relating to permaculture. I know the philosophy of it, and have a bio background. I'm looking for a proven design (if any) for the new york city biome. If there is a journal of permaculture, that would be awesome.

If you haven't checked this out already, there's a lot of information here:


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