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hooks, bell Killing Rage:

When searching remember that bell hooks is in lower case.

Sischy, Ingrid. Interview. New York: Oct 1995. Vol. 25, Iss. 10; p. 122 (an interview on Killing Rage)

Alternative Radio has a full interview on tape on the subject but it is not free. You can request a tape at their website

znet has an article: Third World Viewpoint on their website

November 19, 1995
Killing Rage: Ending Racism
by bell hooks

James found this:

Weekend Edition - Sunday (NPR 10:00 am ET)
Panelists Discuss State of Race Relations in America
October 22, 1995
Transcript # 1146-4

SHOW: Charlie Rose Show; WNET-TV; US
October 24, 1995 11:00pm; ET
Part 3:
Subject: Conversation about her newest book called "KILLING RAGE:ENDING RACISM".

May, 1995
SECTION: Pg. 187
LENGTH: 2034 words
HEADLINE: sister knowledge

On the Issues
Winter 1996
SECTION: Vol. V, No. 1; Pg. 47-51; ISSN: 0895-6014
CWI-ACC-NO: 00541291
LENGTH: 4227 words
HEADLINE: Tough Talk for Tough Times
BOOK-TITLE: Night-Vision:Illuminating War and Class on the Neo-Colonial Terrain
BOOK-AUTHOR: Lee, Butch; Rover, Red
Interview with bell hooks evaluating the implications of the book Night-Vision

Suggestions for further searching (and where not to look)

Shambala Magazine often has articles from bell hooks.

MS sometimes has articles from her. But won't let you search back issues.

She taught at Oberlin and CUNY so their libraries may have something

Southend Press might be able to suggest where to go

Ethnic Newswatch didn't turn up anything

Library Journal, Colorlines, The Progressive, Mother Jones, Booklist, the Nation didn't have anything.

Teri Gross of Fresh Air has not interviewed her. Tavis Smiley did, but not on this subject. He did it on her other books about love. Let me know if you wantr the cite.

LII had nothing. Neither did the Way Back machine- which archives old web pages.

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