Question: Rockefeller Drug Laws

I'm working with a writer on an article about the reforms to the Rockefeller Drug Laws that were recently signed into law. Was looking for two things:

1.) actual text of the new law

2.) want to do a sidebar/infobox on the seven or so neighborhoods in nyc that send a hugely disproportionate number of drug offenders to state prisons. i don't know those seven off the top of my head but i'm guessing south bronx, wash heights, harlem, bed-stuy, etc,... the data we would be looking for: number of drug war prisoners from a given neighborhood in prison, drug war prisoners from a given neighborhood in prison as a percentage of the total nyc drug war prisoner population.

Also, what's the total percentage of black and latino prisoners doing time under the Rockefeller drug laws. I seem to recall seeing 94% one time which is shocking.