Question: Level of Support of Iraq War By Soldiers

I am working on short doc. about Iraq veterans against the war. I am looking for polls of soldiers in Iraq that reflect their attitude towards the war. I overheard fox news say polls showed 80% of soldiers supported the war. Vets told me that was bull and that I could find polls in stars and stripes newspaper that contradicted foxnews but I can,t find them. I would like to find stars and stripes polls or any others of military in Iraq.

citation for report on stars & stripes poll

On October 16, 2003, the Washington Post ran a story on the Stars & Stripes poll. Here are their details:
Many Troops Dissatisfied, Iraq Poll Finds; [FINAL Edition]
Bradley Graham and Dana Milbank. The Washington Post. Washington, D.C.: Oct 16, 2003. pg. A.01
The findings, drawn from 1,935 questionnaires presented to U.S. service members throughout Iraq, conflict with statements by military commanders and Bush administration officials that portray the deployed troops as high-spirited and generally well-prepared. Though not obtained through scientific methods, the survey results suggest that a combination of difficult conditions, complex missions and prolonged tours in Iraq is wearing down a significant portion of the U.S. ...

This is all the Washington Post will provide for free, however, the following looks like a full reproduction of the article plus some other material you might find interesting. not in our name

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