Answer: Pre-made Stencils
Free downloadable stencils in .zip format 1. Fuck the flag 2. Bush’n bones 3. Give up war for lent 4. Sit in walk out 5. I heart war 6. Demoralized democaracy &. Protest records logo
Good site
Unfortunately, none of the images were visible on my browser, and I can’t technically figure out why. Therefore I couldn’t determine if theses were simple cut out and paste stencils. The good news is, if you can make this site work for you there appear to be archives of hundred and hundreds of stencils. Click on the “stencil button�? on the top page and scroll half way down to the sub-album Protest stencils. I registered for the site, and that did not help my accessibility issue at all.
Has a list of political/street stencil related links. There is an extensive list of links, many of them dead and the other ones linked to sites with photographs of stencils, not actual downloadable stencils themselves. However some sites the quality was good enough that if you are motivated and creative enough you could download the photo and create your own stencil from that.
Not necessarily political – but 2 free downloads of scary faces that could be used for protests
Again photos – but all political material
Prices range from from $6 to $35
This site has inexpensive stickers.