Austin Indymedia Conference 2/19/05

Today Radical Reference presented a fact-checking workshop at the Indymedia conference at the campus at the University of Texas at Austin. Jeanine Finn and Donna Terpack-Palter presented the fact-checking workshop originally created by Jenna for the NYC meeting. Caroline Muglia was also in from New York and helped answer questions about Radical Reference.

The presentation and discussion following went well. About 10-12 journalists attended and seemed very enthused about Radical Reference and what we could offer them.

We distributed flyers and other handouts. A good time was had by all.

Great job!

Way to go Jeanine. how many people were at the conference? how many came to the fact-checking workshop?

Austin Indymedia Conference

jeanine's presentation was so wonderful! the journalists, editors and librarians in the audience all seemed engaged and quite inquisitive. after the workshop, several people approached me to thank the radical reference team for our work.

according to erik (, the principle coordinator of the independent media conference, the workshop attendees easily surpassed 150 individuals over two days of scheduled workshops. about 10 people attended the radical reference fact-checking workshop.


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