Question: 1877 Railway Strike gets @45 hits for the "quick and dirty" search: "Great Railway Strike of 1877" baltimore, and a number of them are official history sites like the National Park Service and West Virginia history sites. For example, "NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK NOMINATION: The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Martinsburg Shops" is 58 pages (designated a landmark, July 2003). It has an extended discussion of the strike – click on the .pdf binoculars icon and search: strike.

Likewise, use CTRL-F (find in page) to search: 1877 in

A HISTORY OF TRADE UNIONISM IN THE UNITED STATES BY SELIG PERLMAN, PH.D.Assistant Professor of Economics in the University of Wisconsin;Co-author of the History of Labour in the United States
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You will need to click several times to get to the 1877 that is in the part of this book that discusses the B&O strike.
One step above this search would be , to get more "official" studies of this strike.
The search: B&O 1877 strike gets 5 hits; B&O 1877 blacks gets 4 hits; 1877 "railroad strike" racial gets @30 hits, etc.

I found only a few leads in , mainly this one: "The Baltimore Railroad Strike & Riot of 1877". Archives of Maryland series: Documents for the Classroom. Maryland State Archives,350 Rowe Boulevard, Annapolis, MD 21401. Phone: (410) 260-6400 Internet: . e-mail: [email protected]
This site requires registration for a password to see the apparently extensive full text online accounts of the Great Strike.

West Virginia Division of Culture and History has a search page at:
If you search "All Words": 1877 strike, you get many hits, but it appears to me they generally list articles in their journal"West Virginia History", or holdings in archives, so you would either need to order copies online for a fee, or contact the various archives about getting copies.

I find very little more online on the Great Railway Strike. You may very well want to look further in library collections, under the subject words: Railroad strikes 1877 (27 hits in Worldcat database), or in more general books on labor history and railroad industry history. I was surprised that the Library of Congress "American Memory" site at does not seem to have much material on this strike.

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