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Below are some sources to get you started on the first part of your question, which I guess is the main part, about punk rock's relation to political movements and activism such as Black Bloc or the wider anti-globalization movement.

As far as links between Radical Reference and the social groups you mention, I'm not sure how to answer, for two reasons: First, Radical Reference is a loose and widely scattered group, and I am not qualified to speak for it's members. Radical Reference came together about a year ago during the last US elections [Note from a founding volunteer: We formed to support and join the protests against the Republican National Convention in New York City.], and from the meeting I attended seems to be a diverse group in terms of age and cultural/subcultural backgrounds. Second, the groups you mention - Travellers and Crusties - are really UK phenomena that don't really have analogs here in the US. My understanding of those groups is that they come out of a longer tradition dating back to the festivals of the late 60s and 70s, sort of a hippy movement but in the better sense of that term, but who have held on to an alternative culture throughout the shifts in popular cultural styles and have incorporated the punk and rave scenes. But as I said, that's really a UK thing that we're not that familiar with here. If you could clarify your question a bit on that aspect of the topic I'd be glad to help some more.

So, for now, here's a start. Look it over and let me know if this is what you were looking for, or if it's not quite right tell me what's missing and I'll take another crack at it.

a website, with other links to start from

blackrose article on Black Bloc

anarcho-punk article in Wikipedia, cites Crass, includes links to other anarcho-related entries's "black blocs for dummies"

paper from the archive of the "Society for Social and Political Philosophy":
Black Bloc, Pink Bloc: Reflections on the Tactics of the
Anti-Globalization Movement

author: Marcos Bisticas-Cocoves

books that might be good:

  • Punk Rock, So What?The Cultural Legacy of Punk.
    Contributors: Roger Sabin - editor. Publisher: Routledge. Place of Publication: London. Publication Year: 1999.
  • Frith, Simon, and John Street. "Rock Against Racism and Red Wedge: From Politics to Music, from Music to Politics." - chapter in:
    Rocking the Boat: Mass Music and Mass Movements. Ed. Reebee
    Garofolo. Boston: South End, 1992.67-80.
    [Simon Frith is often good on cultural/political aspects of music]

articles from journals:

  • Crass Commodities
    author:Stacy Thompson
    Popular Music and Society, Vol. 27, No. 3, 2004
  • Pop Music and the Limits of Cultural Critique: Gang of Four Shrinkwraps Entertainment.
    Authors: Hoover, Michael; Stokes, Lisa
    Source: Popular Music & Society; Fall98, Vol. 22 Issue 3, p21, 18p
  • Rock Against Racism: Multiculturalism and Political Mobilization, 1976-81.
    Authors: Goodyer, Ian
    Source: Immigrants & Minorities; Mar2003, Vol. 22 Issue 1, p44, 19p
  • Punk Subculture in Mexico and the Anti-globalization Movement: A Report from the Front. By: O'Connor, Alan.
    New Political Science, Mar2003, Vol. 25 Issue 1, p43, 11p
    uses Mexico as an example of general influence between punk and anti-globalization
  • the endnotes from any of these articles will be a good place to look for further resources

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