Question: Iraq Insurgency

I have a project for a radical newspaper that I am hoping that you can help me with. Here is what I am looking for:

If we can find any opinion polls on how people feel about the war in Iraq.
1. National "percentage that supports the war" data amongst Rs and Ds and Independents.
2. Something that shows the varied tpes of responses to the war (for example 39 people think that we should pull out of I raq, "give the oil to the Iraqis" the rest wanted to keep it.
3. Number of people who have died in the post "mission accomplished" Iraq due to insurgent forces. (stats for both Iraqi death estimates and U.S. and other allied forces soldiers)
4. how many people have died in other countries (like bombing in england, spain, do not include 9-11)
5. what the projected costs of the "occupation" and accompanying war going to be over the next 12 years (or what ever projected time frame you can find. Or if you guys want to do the math, for which I would be very greatful.
6. How much money has gone to direct military defense and offense operations in Iraq vs. the amount that is being spent on reconstruction.
7. some kind of stats that get at what they should have rebuilt by now vs. what they have actually built,
8. The projected amount of troups over the next 12 years of occupation (again time frame is flex.)