Question: pedophile sexuality

I know that the average child molester is a 34 year-old heterosexual male married to a women with two children. Can you confirm this statistic?

I found this quote on the web "Heterosexual males present a greater risk to boys and girls." I found this quote on the web Almost all sexual abusers are heterosexual men. I found this quote on the web also
Child abusers often are married and have children.

Also, do you have any data on the the sexuality of child molesters? What percentage are heterosexual males, homosexual males, hetersexual females and lesbian females?

Do you have any other links to reputable sources which confirm this data?

The reason why I ask is that I'm a gay male and I know that homosexual DOES NOT equal pedophile. And, I want to start writing articles about the misconceptions of homosexual men.

I know the Bush administration is deleting facts from government web sites concerning sexuality and adding false statisics concerning sexuality. Just take a look
at This site is filled with junk science and false statistics.