Webdiary is Changing the Nature of News

Margo Kingston today closed her Webdiary at Fairfax and hang her shingle up at a new site. Media is filled with many preachers and academics, but it is rare to find inspiring practitioners. Margo Kingston does as she says: Personal opening statement to Webdiarists
In June 2005 Reportage Medialog noted that Margo Kingston’s webdiary can really be considered as an example of citizen journalism. ‘Webdiary is in fact a pioneer of this kind of journalism and Margo has an incredible commitment to working directly with her readers - many not at all of her own political persuasion - to engender real participatory discussion.’ Citizen Journalism Alert

CODA: An expert of the genre, Professor John Ellis, of Royal Holloway, University of London, deconstructs the media's coverage of Media Studies.' Explain. Media Lies, damn lies and statistics
Citizen journalism - in the form of a site that edits stories professionally - has had a huge impact in South Korea. But will it work elsewhere? 'We are changing the nature of news' [* If you are not a subscriber to the 'Media Guardian' try Bug Me Not ]

Online opinion is good news for Labor: Media Analysis by Christopher Sheil
Cut & paste: Media accused of left-wing bias is too soft on Howard

A new book looks at the clueless ways big entertainment companies try to control content or subvert emerging technologies, and how people work around those efforts Picking the Media's Digital Lock
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