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"Libraries, if they are truly used, require the active participation of readers to inform themselves and others. A reader is the essential and equal partner to the library, which makes the current management trend of turning readers into customers such a menace. Customers merely consume and are powerless and dependent; readers read, an activity that is both productive and cooperative. And, with luck, the motivated library reader may also become the writer and so continue in the provision of free thought."
-Piers Denton. "I Was a Teen-Age Anarcho-Terrorist," in Revolting Librarians Redux, McFarland, 2003.

"Lib-web-cats is a directory of libraries worldwide. While the majority of the current listings are in North America, the numbers of libraries represented in other parts of the globe is growing. Each listing includes links to the library's website and online catalog. Other information available includes the geographic location, address, library type, current and previous library automation systems used, and the size of the library's collection." Online, Searchable Directory of Libraries Worldwide