And when will there be a museum of blogging?

Jay Rosen, Dan Gillmor, Jeff Jarvis with many others provide the dynamic platform for the robust debate about the relationship between journalists and bloggers.

The world has really, really changed and will keep changing and we in mainstream media may not like it but it’s a fact and we have to embrace it or we will die: And when will there be a museum of blogging?

Some Bloggers Meet the Bosses From Big Media
What capacity for product development do news organizations show? Zip. How are they on nurturing innovation? Terrible. Is there an entreprenurial spirit in newsrooms? No. Do smart young people ever come in and overturn everything? Never...

But how reliable was the reporting, media execs asked. Who were their sources? How about if one of the citizen reporters had it in for one of the Republicans? I didn’t add my two cents on that point at the meeting. Here it is now: As a reader, I’m happy to look at that citizens’ reporting. It’s additive. There was nothing. Now there’s something. True, the anonymous reporters are not accountable for their work. So I wouldn’t cite it, journalistically, as evidence that a certain Republican voted one way or another.
Relationships between and among bloggers and journalism
What's the role of bloggers as reporters? Which reporting can we trust?
Out-of-it captains of industry Not what it seems

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